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Bottled Poetry

“A new German sparkling wine phenomenon“
Stuart Pigott FAZ 12/2018

Out of love for Champagne and German premium sparkling wines, we created the foundation for our special project when harvesting the 2008 vintage. Manually picked and fully healthy grapes are the basis of this extraordinary sparkling wine. Ever since, we have been taking the greatest care when selecting our grapes and have kept some of the best base wines year for year to let them rest, unfiltered, on the lies in French tonneaux oak barrels. End of 2015 we were finally able to create the first cuvée ready to be turned into sparkling wine. We used the method of traditional bottle fermentation and left the sparkling wine to mature in the bottle, eventually disgorging in 2018.

The Vision

no 04/15

Four selected vintages: 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2015

The year in which the cuvée of 65% Chardonnay, 23% Pinot Blanc and 12% Pinot Noir fermented a second time in the bottle, the beginning of the maturation process.

As we chose a BRUT NATURE style, pure genuinely displays true Pinot character and reflects its terroir perfectly. In the nose there are aromas of dried apple and delicate brioche. Forceful in the mouth, this wine demonstrates complexity with its perfect interplay of fruit, mineral character and yeasty notes. The long time on the lies in the bottle provides this sparkling with a fine effervescence and a puristic structure.


I have a simple taste:
only the best.

Oscar Wilde

Individuality and
high quality standards

“Stefan Winter – practically on his own – put Dittelsheim on the wine map, a village rather unknown outside its own region up to then. An outrageous performance, founded on the exceptional talent of the winemaker as well as the enormous quality of the completely underestimated vineyard sites.“

In 2000, Stefan Winter took over the reins in his parents’ wine estate in Dittelsheim in southern Rheinhessen, at the foot of the Kloppberg, the highest vineyard in the region Wonnegau. Since then he has been bringing the estate forward continuously and had his breakthrough within a few years. The winery has been member of the internationally renowned Association of Prädikat Wine Estates (VDP) since 2013.

Winter’s wines stand for individuality and authenticity; they are marked by deep clay marl soils and calcareous rock, the character of which is conveyed by means of uncompromising quality standards in winegrowing.



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